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League Stats

Good stats

(Updated 2021)

Most wins in a seasonFlying Piggies132018
Longest winning streakBalls Deep Throaters92014
Most PointsSpicy Peatoes2162021 (Week 5)The X-Factor
Most touchdownsEl Moustachios142015 (Week 8)Missy’s Men
Largest margin of victoryRuptured Spleens1402013 (Week 15)InYourEndZone
Most points from offenseSpicy Peatoes1912021 (Week 5)The X-Factor
Most points from defenseRuptured Spleens422012 (Week 14)The Moustachios
Most field goalsThe X-Factor72017 (Week 4)Flying Piggies
Most passing yardsComingOnYeeeeeahHaaa5172019 (Week 4)Missy’s Men
Most rushing yardsRuptured Spleens4892012 (Week 15)Mad Futbol
Most receiving yardsRuptured Spleens6672013 (Week 15)InYourEndZone

Bad stats

(Updated 2021)

Most losses in a seasonOften Public132017
Longest losing streakFlying Piggies82013
Least single week pointsMad Futbol262013 (Week 10)Flying Piggies
Hardest strength of schedule in average points per gameEl Moustachios120.872021
Least single week defensive pointsThe X-Factor-42014 (Week 4)ComingOnYeeeeeahHaaa

Fun Facts

(Updated 2021)

Missy’s Men have lost to Flying Piggies all 3 times they have played in the finals together.
ComingOnYeeeeeahHaaa has the most appearances in the playoffs at 7.
InYourEndZone is tied for the best playoff win percentage but is also tied for receiving the most toilet bowls.
The average spot of the first RB drafted is pick number 1 and the average finish of that RB is 13th. (updated 2021)
The average spot of the first WR drafted is pick number 4 and the average finish of that WR is 4th. (Updated 2021)
The trophy has been won 5 times by the team with the best record of the season.
ComingOnYeeeeeahHaaa scores the most points and gives up the second least points in the playoffs, but is still only 50% on playoff wins.
Team The Fightin’ Unicorns has had their name changed the most at 7 times.