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League Constitution

“This league exists to add a bit of good-spirited shit-talking among friends, to give a reason to watch and discuss football together and to win the glorious Balls Deep Trophy and a small amount of cash.”


  1. Balls Deep Fantasy Football League (BDFFL) will always consists of exactly 8 owners.
  2. As of the 2022 season these owners are: Chris Harper, Missy Harper, Jesse Young, Eliseo Garay, Brandon Harper, Esteban Ramirez, Adam Fall and Alex Madrid.
  3. If for any reason an owner leaves the league, the other owners must vote to approve a replacement owner. For this vote, a simple majority rules.
  4. If for any reason an owner leaves the league during the season, the commissioner may temporarily appoint a new owner to finish the season. However, once the season has ended, the temporary owner must be voted in, or a new owner must be found and voted in.
  5. Temporary owners do not get to vote.
  6. In the event of a tie, the commissioner gets an extra vote.
  7. Any owner who leaves during the season forfeits all league dues and transaction fees paid and must immediate pay all dues and fees owed.


  1. Each team of the BDFFL will have 16 players on its roster, coming from any team in the NFL.
  2. The roster will consist of 10 starting positions and 6 bench spots.
  3. Rosters do not necessarily need to be full at all times.


  1. Every year before the season starts, the BDFFL will hold a live, offline draft at the most convenient date, time and location possible for everyone involved.
  2. The draft must be held and completed before the opening kick-off of the first game of the NFL season.
  3. The draft order will be determined by a $1 no-limit Texas-hold ’em poker tournament which will immediately precede the draft.
  4. The first owner out of the poker tournament will draft 8th, the next owner out will draft 7th, and so on. The winner of the poker tournament will get the 1st pick.
  5. Each owner will start with $1.00 in chips consisting of (1) 25 cent chip, (5) 10 cent chips and (5) 5 cent chips.
  6. The initial dealer will be selected at random with a clockwise rotation of the deal commencing from there.
  7. Large and small blinds will start at 10 cents and 5 cents respectively with the owner to the dealer’s left posting the small blind and the owner to their left posting the large blind.
  8. Each time an owner is eliminated, the small blind goes up 5 more cents and the big blind goes up ten more cents.
  9. Any owner not in attendance will have their blinds posted and folded until they are eliminated from the tournament.
  10. The draft order will snake until all teams have a full 16 player roster. At the start of the next season, all teams will draft again from scratch.
  11. Owners are not allowed to trade draft picks.
  12. An owner can draft any number of players from any number of positions until they have filled all 16 slots in their roster.
  13. Any owner not in attendance may submit a ranking sheet to the commissioner before the draft. The commissioner will then draft for that player based on the rankings that owner submitted. If no rankings are submitted for an absent player, the commissioner will use the standard Yahoo rankings. All other owners in attendance will have equal access to the absent player’s ranking sheet, in order to keep the commissioner from having an unfair advantage.

Starting Lineups

  1. Each team in the BDFFL can change its lineup anytime throughout the week, but once a player’s game kicks off, that player is locked into his position until the end of the week.
  2. A starting lineup consists of the following: 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, 1 Flex.
  3. The Flex position may consist of either 1 RB or 1 WR or 1 TE.

Roster Changes


  1. All NFL players are available to add (either through free agents or waivers) as long as they are not already owned by another team.
  2. Each team owner will pay $0.25 per player added throughout the season.
  3. Each team owner will pay $0.25 per player added by the commissioner in the event of a mistake. (See Commissioner section below) This will be referred to as “The dumb-ass charge.”
  4. All money collected from player adds will go toward the league events and costs (i.e. end of the year party, trophy costs, etc…)
  5. Owners can only add players if there is room on their roster to do so.
  6. If a player does not have room on their roster to add a new player, they must drop a player from their roster in order to make room.
  • There is no limit to how many players an owner adds throughout the season.
  • There is no limit to how many players an owner adds in any given week.
  • There is no limit to how many players an owner adds on any given day.


  1. At any time, any player may be dropped from an owner’s roster. However, if the dropped player has already played that week, the drop will not process until the week is over.
  2. An owner may drop a player even without adding a replacement.
  3. There is no cost to dropping a player.
  4. Any player dropped is placed on the waiver wire.


  1. On Sunday morning at 10 AM PT all available players are placed on the waver list.
  2. Any owner may make a claim on a player currently on the waiver list, but must wait until Wednesday at midnight until the waiver clears, before getting that player.
  3. All owners are given a waiver number. The owner with pick #1 will be the owner that has the first claim on any waiver player, then 2, 3, etc.
  4. When the owner uses their waiver pick, they drop to the bottom of the pick order, and everyone else move up one pick.
  5. If more than one owner claims the same player, the owner that is highest on the priority list is given the rights to the player.
  6. The owner that wins the waiver will receive the player when waivers clear on Wednesday at midnight.
  7. All available players not on waivers are considered Free Agents and can be added by any owner at anytime and do not impact the waiver priority list.
  8. Once waivers clear on Wednesday at midnight, all claimed players will show up on their new roster. All remaining unclaimed players become free agents until their games start that week.
  9. Each week the waiver priority list resets based on standings with the last place team getting the highest waiver priority and the 1st place team getting the lowest.


  1. Trades can be made at any time through Week 11 between any two teams.
  2. No trades may be made after Week 11.
  3. There will be no trade review period.
  4. All trades will be processed once both teams agree to it. However, if one or more players involved in the trade have already played in a game, the trade will not process until the week is over.
  5. If there is suspicion of collusion (two owners working together to make only one of their teams stronger) , a vote can be called by any of the other owners to reverse the trade. The vote must be called for within 24 hours of the trade taking place.
  6. 5 votes in favor of reversal will nullify the trade and the commissioner must reverse the trade.
  7. If any of the players involved in a trade that must be reversed have already played in a game, the reversal will take place after the week has ended.


  1. Each team’s starting lineup shall be awarded points as follows:


  • 1 point per 25 passing yards; 1 point at 300 yards; 3 points at 400 yards; 5 points at 500 yards.
  • 6 points per passing touchdown.
  • -2 points per interception thrown.
  • -1 point per sack.
  • 1 point per 10 rushing yards; 1 point at 100 rushing yards; 3 points at 200 rushing yards; 5 points at 300 rushing yard.
  • 6 points per rushing touchdown.
  • 1 point per 10 receiving yards; 1 points at 100 yards; 3 points at 200 yards; 5 points at 300 yards.
  • 6 points per reception touchdown.
  • 10 points per return touchdown.
  • 2 points per 2-point conversion.
  • -2 points per fumble lost.
  • 6 points per fumble return touchdown.


  • 3 points per field goals of 0-39 yards.
  • 4 points per field goals of 40-49 yards.
  • 5 points per field goals of 50+ yards.
  • 1 point per successful extra point.

Defense/Special Teams:

  • 1 point per sack.
  • 2 points per interception.
  • 2 points per fumble recovery.
  • 6 points per defensive touchdown.
  • 2 points per safety.
  • 2 points per blocked kick.
  • 6 points per kickoff/punt return touchdown.
  • 1 point per 4th down stop.
  • 10 points if 0 points allowed.
  • 7 points if 1-6 points allowed.
  • 4 points if 7-13 points allowed.
  • 1 point if 14-20 points allowed.
  • 0 points if 21-27 points allowed.
  • -1 point if 28-34 points allowed.
  • -4 points if 35 or more points allowed.

No fractional points will be given.

Weekly Matchups

  1. Each team plays 1 head-to-head game each week as listed in the schedule on the league website.
  2. The schedule is determined by the commissioner and must be finalized prior to the draft.
  3. Each team will play every other team in the league exactly 2 times.
  4. Each week, the team that gets more points than their opponent gets the win.
  5. In the event that both teams score the same amount of points a tie is declared and is so reflected in the standings.
  6. The “Regular Season” takes place between weeks 1 thru 14.
  7. The “Playoffs” take place between weeks 15 thru 16.
  8. The league rankings are determined by the standings.
  9. In the event of a tie in the standings, the team with the highest total points scored will get the higher ranking.

Final 2 Weeks


  1. Playoffs will take place between week 15 and 16.
  2. Only the top 4 teams will be in contention for the championship.
  3. In the event of a tie in the rankings after week 14, the team with the most team points on the season will be ranked higher. If a tie still exists, head to head matchups will be used to break the tie.
  4. The number 1 ranked team will play the number 4 ranked team in week 15.
  5. The number 2 ranked team will play the number 3 ranked team in week 15.
  6. The winners of the week 15 playoffs will play each other in the Balls Deep Bowl for the championship in week 16. The winner will be the league champion. The loser will get 2nd place.
  7. The losers of the week 15 playoffs will play each other in the Not Good Enough Bowl in week 16. The winner of this game will get 3rd place. The loser will get 4th place.

Consolation Games:

  1. The number 5 ranked team will play the number 8 ranked team in week 15.
  2. The number 6 ranked team will play the number 7 ranked team in week 15.
  3. The winners of the week 15 consolation games will play each other in the Who Gives a Shit Bowl in week 16. The winner gets fifth place. The loser gets sixth place.
  4. The losers of the week 15 consolation games will play each other in the Toilet Bowl in week 16. The winner gets 7th place. The loser gets last place.


  1. The champion will get:
  • $150.00 in cash.
  • Possession of the championship trophy until a new champion is declared.
  • His or her name, their team name, and the season’s year engraved on the side of the championship trophy.
  1. The 2nd place finisher will get $50.00 in cash.
  2. The last place finisher will receive The Toilet Bowl Trophy and must retain possession of it until a new loser is crowned.


  1. The current commissioner is Chris Harper.
  2. The commissioner is in charge of all money collected for league dues and transaction fees and presents the money to the 1st and 2nd place owners at the end of the season.
  3. The commissioner decides how the transaction fee money is spent.
  4. The commissioner has the power to correct mistakes made by an owner provided that the owner immediately informs the commissioner of the mistake as soon as he or she realizes their error. (Example: The Mustachios want to drop New England’s Defense, but accidently clicks on Houston’s Defense and drops them instead. Since Houston’s Defense is now technically on waivers and The Mustachios can’t immediately correct their own mistake, The Mustachios can inform the commissioner of their mistake and the commissioner can correct it.)
  5. The commissioner must be informed of a mistake within 24 hours of when the mistake occurred.
  6. All corrections are at the sole digression of the commissioner.
  7. If the commissioner cannot perform his duties during the season, he or she may appoint another owner as acting commissioner until able to continue with his or her duties.
  8. Between seasons, a vote may be called in order to select a new commissioner. For this to happen, a new commissioner must be nominated to take over the duties. Each owner will cast a vote on who they want the commissioner to be. In order for a new commissioner to be elected, they must receive at least 50% of the votes. In the event of a tie, the current commissioner casts a second vote.


  1. Any rule not specifically covered within this constitution shall revert to the Yahoo Fantasy Football website’s rules.
  2. Any rule not specifically covered within this constitution or on the Yahoo Fantasy Football website are to be ruled on by the commissioner.


  1. Amendments to this constitution can only be made with the approval or 3/4 of the owners (6 votes.)
  2. Any amendment may be brought to the commissioner for a vote at any time.
  3. Any owner proposing an amendment must provide sound reasoning for the change and how it will benefit the league.
  4. Any other owner may dispute the change before a vote is held.
  5. The commissioner has sole digression on if/when a vote will be held during the season.
  6. If an amendment is proposed during the offseason, the commissioner must hold a vote and has until one week prior to the draft of the coming season to do so.